Made with love, care & a little salty air…


The Idea

Our jewelry is made for anybody, anywhere, doing anything. We wanted a simple design that reflects the Cape's natural beauty. Our pieces are for the surfer, the student, the yogi, the daughter, the mother, the grandmother. The traveler, the homebody. Our signature handmade collection embodies minimalist bohemian beauty. 

We are artisans on Cape Cod. Each piece of jewelry and artwork are made at our West Barnstable Farm off Route 6A. The local beauty and adventures inspire makers as beachgoers, lifeguards, paddle boarders, swimmers, and sailors.

Style & Quality

All our pearls are AA high quality. The luster is high, and you will find minor flaws and spots making each one unique. Each pearl is thoughtfully hand selected to ensure your jewelry has the best and brightest gem there is. The leather we use for your piece is 100% genuine, high grade soft yet strong. Each piece has a silver plated tag with our logo and is carefully handcrafted. 

Central pearl is a 10mm white baroque/semi-round pearl, and back pearl closure is a 9mm white potato pearl.  No two pearls are alike, each one is unique and different.


100% Handmade

Each handmade piece of work is as unique as each person in the world… and there’s no need for an upgrade if it’s already perfect. 

Even if it’s one of a series, each one will be slightly different from the next. It’s the minute imperfections that make it so desirable. Each handmade item is about people, not machines. It's about the skill of each maker and the magic of their imagination. This simple design is perfect for every day and any occasion. We want you to live your life to its fullest, and dare to do all of your adventures ahead.