Repairs & Leather Replacement

Repairs & Leather Replacement

from 5.95

OH NO!! Your slip knot or barrel knot came undone!! We offer free repairs! You just have to pay for shipping. (Or if you are a local, leave it on the front porch). If you would like your leather replaced it's an additional $4.

1. Choose a label:

-Repairs $5.95 (includes return label)

-Leather Replacement $9.95 (includes return label)

2. We will send a return label within 24hours.

3. Print label & attach to a PADDED envelope.

4. Packet item & SHIP IT!


We will retie the knot and ship your piece back ASAP. Leather will not be replaced. We know many of you have worked hard to get your leather to a perfectly worn beachy look! We will also clean condition and waterproof your leather.

Leather Replacement

If you would like your leather replaced it's only an additional $4.


If you live on the Cape and would like to leave it on the front porch, please email us for our home workshop address.