Shark Fin Bohemian Choker

Shark Fin Bohemian Choker

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Beautifully etched design on sterling silver flat plate depicting one of our own native Cape Cod shark fins peeking through the waves. Sharks symbolize toughness, survival, and success through perseverance.

Sterling Silver & Leather Adjustable Cape Cod Choker is leather with solid sterling silver Shark Fin charm; hand-knotted and adjustable. Sterling silver collection captures the richness and innate energy of precious metals. Charms are designed to be worn on genuine 100% leather 2mm lace tied with slip knots.

Each choker is adorned with an 925 Shark Fin Charm and our Cape Cod Choker sterling silver charm on genuine 100% 2mm leather lace.

Please visit our FAQ page for leather care, sizing chart, and silver care.

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